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Requires iOS 7.0+

What is Falcross?

Also known as Picross or Nonograms, Falcross is a puzzle game where you use two-dimensional logic to uncover hidden pictures in a grid. It's kind of like what would happen if Minesweeper and Sudoku had a colorful, pixely baby.

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Thousands of colorful puzzles

Falcross has over 30 puzzle packs and thousands of user-created puzzles for hours upon hours of brain training and discovery. Play 90 free puzzles when you download the game, then invite friends or in-app purchase to get puzzles created by professional artists.

Create and share your own puzzles

Anyone can do it! With the most intuitive picross puzzle editor ever created, Falcross lets you create 5x5-25x25 size puzzles using 8 different color schemes. Publish your creations so anyone can play them, and share with your friends with just a tap!


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